Why homeschool?

If you're here, it's because you're searching for a better alternative for your child.  If you're doing that, we were recently in the same place as parents.   We found that schools weren't offering what we were looking for - deeper relationships within our family, meaningful learning experiences, and opportunities to collaborate.

The "why" is different for every family.  Take a moment to find yours.   Try Googling "for homeschool arguments" and think about what supports your family will need to reach your goals.  

Why Montessori?

Montessori learning environments are collaborative, they foster curiosity and cooperation.   In this, children are actively engaged in the work of learning and adults are responsible for guiding learning in a meaningful way.   Following a Montessori framework allows choice and provides opportunities for acquiring fundamental skills and knowledge.  This is key to the mission of Dandelion Learning.

Are children with unique needs eligible?

Yes. Yes.  A thousand times yes.   We celebrate diversity!  Every child is special and an important part of our community.  I’m certified in special education for all ages and will work with you to learn more about what’s best for your child together.   We'll partner with specialist when we need more ideas.  Together, we'll find areas for growth and use areas of strength to build confidence and interest.   

Homework is a struggle. How can I possibly homeschool with my own child?

The child that you homeschool will not be the child that attends school for seven hours and comes home exhausted and already frustrated. This version of your child will not  have been holding back impulses and engaged in busy work all day.  Through practice  your child will develop a deeper relationship with you, a fuller understanding of themselves as a learner, and a better ability to sustain focus on tasks that are a match for them as individuals.   

I struggle with math/grammar (fill in your own area of unease here) - how can I teach it?

That’s why we work together.  You know more about yourself and your child than anyone else!  We have the resources to make sure that academic learning keeps moving forward.   You’ll have access to materials, model lessons that are a good fit, ideas for teaching, and be part of a network that includes other parent-teacher and teacher-parents.

Why in your house?

For this work a home environment, rather than another institutional one, is ideal.  It provides the comfort and resources that children need to grow.  Children will transition from your home to ours and vice-versa with ease.

We've converted the dining room into a place for learning materials and chalkboards. There's also a well-equipped art station in the kitchen, a reading nook in the hall, and the back porch is begging for some outdoor lessons.  We'll keep everything (and everyone) on the main floor where activity can be supported and guided.

This is not normal. Is it "allowed"?

Yes.  Dandelion is endorsed and insured.  We are also in line with NC state law and encourage you to learn more about the freedoms that creating your own homeschool creates for your family.  Keep in mind that institutional places of education weren’t normal generations ago either.  Compulsory schooling is a relatively new experiment too and we believe collaborative education is an ideal alternative.

What's next?

We’re just getting started!  Our first year will begin in August of 2019.  We’re going slow to make sure that we do this right.  There are over 12,000 children enrolled in homeschools in Wake County alone. We will continue to build partnerships and expand our network to offer more schedule and class options, extra-curricular activities, an expanded curriculum library, and a stand-alone resource center.