Now accepting enrollment for 2020-2021!

More than a co-op, our offerings include:  drop-off schoolhouse meetings for students, collaboration sessions with parents, learning plans and materials, field trips, and connections with experienced educators and specialists.  We are homeschool with help, a collaboration between skilled teachers, homeschoolers, and fresh eyes. 

We all seek the best-fit education for our children; not everyone can take on homeschooling full-time or wishes to go at it alone.   Dandelion Learning is a solution.  We offer balance - private learning experiences and a Montessori-based education at an approachable price.

 We celebrate that parents are their children's first and best teachers.  We invest in the entire family.  We'll gladly support your registration with the state of North Carolina and serve as your homeschool tutor.  We'll partner with you to keep records, report to the state, and design schedules and learning goals that are just right for your family.

You and your children have a lot to contribute! Please check out our offerings and plan to join us.

A Closer Look

Your Co-Teacher


Hello!  I'm Dalton Onorato. I'm a teaching mother of three, fifteen years into a career in education and teacher mentoring.  I believe that children are always learning and celebrate the opportunities that homeschool offers the entire family.  My professional credentials include Montessori, educational equity, mindful education,  k-12 certification in language and special education, and k-8 certification in academic subject areas.  Take a look at my resume. I understand the full scope and sequence of learning and child development and how to create opportunities for individuals.  I look forward to partnering with you!

Tailored Curriculum


As your homeschool partner, we select frameworks and materials to ensure continued progress towards both personal goals and the requirements put in place by the state of North Carolina.   We create and implement individualized work plans, records of attendance, and annual assessments.  Not only am I Montessori certified, I'm also an ed-theory geek who delights in weaving the best from Waldorf, Mason, Dewey and the rest  into our plans.  Your child will experience ever-growing learning opportunities and meet goals that are determined by you - not by the state.

The Schoolhouse


The schoolhouse is our house.  It is a place where children experience personalized learning, access to carefully selected learning materials, and cooperative learning with peers.  Our meeting schedule allows homeschooling parents time apart from their children during the week and provides children time to practice concentration and independence in a supportive home environment.

Peace Education


In our schoolhouse, we trust in the spirit of children.  We practice grace, courtesy, and respect for learners. We know that learning stops under stress and that curiosity thrives when there is clarity.   Our community provides freedom within limits. This means that character is nurtured in a warm working environment.

Multi-Age Learning


All of us learn the most from those with experiences different from our own.  In a multi-age setting, children have opportunities to mentor and develop trusting relationships.  This helps us to keep the peace and elevate learning for all.

We're not Winging It


While we don't give grades, we foster growth - and we do provide feedback.  We invest in interest and fascination and have fundamental academic lessons at the ready when kids are ready for them.

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