Dandelion values relationships with families first.   We also know that comfortable kids are curious kids.   We care about our students and we make sure that they know that before we even begin academics.  Because our groups are small and because we work together, we can invest in how we all learn best. 



 We know how to support all types of readers!  We talk and listen to build language.  We explore written words, sentences, story, and structure.  We use reading to complete tasks, gather new knowledge, learn from others, and escape into imaginary worlds.  We write with precision and creativity to show what we know and share what we imagine.  Schoolhouse families have full access to our Montessori materials, leveled and thematic libraries, and personalized read-and-write-at-home activities.



The Montessori approach to mathematics is magical.  We will work together from concrete to abstract.  You'll feel secure as your child gains understanding and fluency in the areas of reasoning, arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.  We'll go all the way up through trigonometry when they're ready!  Schoolhouse families have full access to our Montessori materials, guidance for parents, and Dimensions Math notebooks for at home study.



Science is learned through action.  It is also connected to our studies in language and mathematics.  We conduct experiments and explore the environment around us.  Students learn record keeping, data, and scientific methods. Topics include:  botany, health, weather systems, astronomy, ecology, biology, geology, zoology, and physics. 

Social Studies


Social studies is where we consider how humans interact with our world and with each other.  We explore human geography, history, and social interactions.  We use research, discussion, and story to learn about those who share our experiences and to learn from those who have experiences unlike our own.



Beauty is woven into all that we do.  Art lessons accompany observation, projects, map-making, and literacy. We allow students to self-select medium and topics for creative work.  Together we sing, put on plays, and make beautiful things.  We know how to make wonderful messes and how to reach learning objectives through creative work.



In addition to a complete Montessori and teacher developed materials library, students in our programs are provided with classroom supplies, carefully selected workbooks, and online program subscriptions.   These include:  SeeSaw Portfolios and Dimensions (Singapore) Math.



We prioritize human interaction and leverage technology as a tool. In the schoolhouse, we take advantage of our time together and use physical texts and tools first.  We also celebrate that technology offers homeschool families powerful resources and consider its use a life skill.  We teach children to use technology responsibly and offer curated links in our weekly work plans.