Hooray, you're here!

Schoolhouse membership is limited to six children (with flex for one additional sibling) per group for the 2019-2020 academic year.  We welcome members on a first come, first served basis and look forward to working with you.

1. Parent Meeting

Let's meet!  This is the first step to showing interest in joining our schoolhouse.    Link here to schedule an appointment.  We will discuss your hopes for your child's experience and I will share more about what our Schoolhouse Programs offer.  Keep in mind that, while children are welcome to accompany you, the focus of our visit will be on "grown-up" conversation.

Before visiting, it is suggested that you complete some personal research to learn more about both Montessori Methods and homeschooling in the state of North Carolina.  While we are flexible with curriculum and course of study, Montessori philosophies are the foundation of our work and enrollment in a NC homeschool is required.  The overviews provided by the American Montessori Society and PBS Parents are great places to start.

2. Submit Application Form & Fee

Submit your application form with a $200 non-returnable fee to Dandelion Learning Collaborative. The application fee includes curriculum materials and supplies for the academic year and will only be refunded if Dandelion Learning determines that we are unable to meet the needs of your family in our schoolhouse.

3. Child Visit

We can't wait to meet your child and for your child to visit the learning space in our home!  Please link here to schedule your visit together.   You may also plan to bring your records and initiate Step 4 at this time.

4. Submit Records & Referral

For members joining us from a public or private school, please have available their most recent progress reports, standardized tests (examples:  MClass, EOG, or IOWA).  Please provide a statement from your child about why they want to join the schoolhouse and homeschool (written or dictated to you) and share with us any documentation of learning difference as well as any other information that you believe we need to have on hand.

For members who are currently enrolled in their own homeschool, we ask that you or your child write briefly to describe their experiences in mathematics, reading, and other subject areas and include a statement from your child about why they want to join the schoolhouse (written or dictated to you). Please also share copies of any completed standardized tests, any documentation of learning difference, and any other information you believe we need to have on hand.

All members will provide contact information for a teacher/outside observer referral. For already-homeschoolers, this may be anyone outside of the family who has observed your child engaged in a learning activity (such as an arts instructor, coach, tutor, or religious educator). The information provided on this form gives us insight into how to best guide your child in the schoolhouse and is important to helping us understand how your child best succeeds.

5. Let's do this!

After all forms, fee, referral, and visits have been completed, Dandelion Learning will contact parents within three days to make you aware of our admission decision.   A contract and emergency forms will be provided to you at this time. 

To make it official, please submit a signed copy of your contract, all emergency forms, a copy of your Declaration of Intent to Homeschool, and your enrollment deposit for Schoolhouse Membership to Dandelion Learning Collective.

We want what's best for you too.  Please let us know right away if you choose to pursue another course for your family so that space may be made available to a child that Dandelion Learning is just right for.  Should parents decline admission, the application fee will be forfeited.